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Medicine Emails

Good Morning:

I have all of a sudden started receiving a MASS of emails regarding different types of medicines.  They are all from a different email address and most of the medicines have to do with keep your mind sharp.  Is there anyone else who has received this same type of situation?  Is there a solution?  I cannot designate all of these email addresses as blocked in my Norton Security.  It would take forever because each one is different.   Please help.  This is a real pain!

Thanks in advance.



Re: Medicine Emails

Hello Steve

Try giving your ISP a phone call. They should be blocking this sort of thing if it started all of a sudden. Did you click on anything like a link in an email or on a website? You could try changing your email password Don't reply to them or open them up. If they see they get no answer from you, they will move on to someone else.


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