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This forum thread needs a solution.

Microsoft 10 Problem?

I'm sure that by now Norton is aware of the latest problem with Windows 10? There are a lot of us that would like to know that they have not been hit with some sort of malware in the past day or two. Turn the computer on, get a message right away "All your files are in the same place" and several other messages that take a long time to finish. It happened overnight on one of my systems. There are complaints on Microsofts support site but no help there.

My system has already had two apps removed that I know of, one of them my bluetooth drivers. My default browser was changed back to Edge/Bing, after I set it specifically to use Thunderbird, one of the reasons is that Norton toolbar would work.

Microsoft denies any knowledge of this and is asking $100 for a support call to explore this with anybody. I guess we're screwed, whether it is Microsoft or somebody that has grabbed hold of a lot of computers. But it would be good to know whether Norton is aware of this and knows whether any new ransomeware or other new bug has gotten out.

Anybody at Norton know anything about this?




Re: Microsoft 10 Problem?

Yeah.. I had to reauthorize at least one product. Norton 360 (bundled with Xfinity) will not open. When I try to reinstall I get a message that says Norton 360 does not work with this version of windows. MS also removed CCLeaner from my computer and turned on some location services. You better check everything. All your files are NOT where you left them. I'm about done with Windows.

I was able to turn on the Windows firewall because I have NO idea if the Norton firewall is still on or if I have nay antivirus program running. I cannot turn Defender on and Norton wont run... what a fine mess!! I'm going to post a question but wanted you to know that you are not alone.



Re: Microsoft 10 Problem?

To both...

There were some reports that when the Windows 10 update to the 1511 version, some apps and settings were messed up. This was not caused by Norton.

To jbow

You are not able to turn on Windows firewall and Defender because Norton is providing your security protection. When Norton is installed, it disables the Windows functions, as you should not run more than one real time protection on your system at the same time. Again this was a problem with a previous Windows update that caused the Action Center to incorrectly report the status of the security software on your system.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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