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Microsoft Edge Brings Bigger, Badder Security to Windows 10

Month after month, year after year, on each Patch Tuesday Microsoft had to release fixes for Internet Explorer. Without these patches, the browser was vulnerable to various attacks that could allow malefactors to steal personal information and execute their own nasty code inside IE. Microsoft's developers have a novel solution for that problem—give IE the axe!


No More Toolbars
For years, Internet Explorer has offered Protected Mode, which isolates the browser's memory space from other processes, making attacks very difficult. However, common add-ins like toolbars and Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) didn't work in Protected Mode, so it was disabled by default.

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.


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Re: Microsoft Edge Brings Bigger, Badder Security to Windows 10

I don't like to do this - but I worse-like having to jump around the forums for minor tidbits - so here goes...

The following is a response that I posted a few days ago in the beta forum regarding Norton's support for Edge ...

Spartan (now Edge) is built on the Modern UI platform (for 10).  FWIW, Norton does not support the Modern UI version if IE that presently runs on either Win-8 or Win-8.1 or platforms - That doesn't necessarily preclude that they'll continue that posture with the newer Spartan/Edge variant - but it's still interesting to note that the already (long in-place) Mod-IE for 8 still remains in the same situation ,support-wise, relative to Norton/Symantec support.

I suppose there does remain the question of do-ability...

My subsequent post in that thread follows ...

I've looked around the developer's forums, both at MS and elsewhere, quite a bit and thus far the extensibility aspect for Edge remains a bit "nebulous", with any "real specifics" being kept pretty-closely guarded by MS. There are however, the rumor mills - with some conjecture "banter" of a possible "Google-like" (a'la a Chromium Extensions Store implementation, I'd suppose).

I guess well just have to "stay tuned" and wait to see what Microsoft eventually "publicly" discloses ...

And stay tuned too to find out what Norton will do with what MS eventually discloses ...



Re: Microsoft Edge Brings Bigger, Badder Security to Windows 10

You know I wouldn't have actually minded if you said RTFM and search the forum before you post... I put my hand up and admit I did not search and I have made an @$$ of myself for not doing so in the first place. To that I apologise for being a jerk. Therefore one has put the proverbial foot in my mouth and I am now embarrassed because I should have searched and I didn't.

It's a bit like shouting at somebody without getting the facts about the matter at hand in the first place. I own up to my mistakes and admit when I am wrong. Thanks for the feedback dude.

Does Symantec have a Beta of Norton Security 2016 at the moment that I could try...? I beta test software, not professionally just in my spare time. I troubleshoot for a living and wouldn't mind testing if one is available.


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