Migration from LifeLock

Norton LifeLock customer service….. I have been a long-term LifeLock member and loved the service and security offered by the product. Whenever I called LifeLock customer service that people were educated, helpful and got me the assistance I needed. Now I get an email that says I can upgrade from my current LifeLock service for a discounted price to the now migrated Norton service. I was given a link. Ha! the link promptly told me my version of LifeLock was in eligible. This is typical Norton behavior. I was a Norton customer in the past and canceled the service for this type of bait and switch up-selling and other frustrations that made their service unreliable. Now I’m forced to be a Norton member again I spent an hour on the phone with a customer service rep trying to understand how I could get the “promotion” only to be offered something far more expensive. And the price changed at least twice during the conversation offering one price and then saying that price was no longer available and offering another price -it was going to be this great 0ne time deal blah blah blah. I gave up and hung up and just upgraded myself for the exact same “deal “on my own through the website. Now I’m paying $40 more a year for what will be frustration after frustration if I ever need help. I can only imagine if I actually have a breach in security and I need to work with Norton to get it resolved.! I doubt there will be any positive result. I just want you to know that I terribly miss LifeLock only wanted to stay with LifeLock and I’m now forced to work with Norton. I hope in the future your service can change my mind I will try for one year - but I doubt it. You make it too hard to deal with your company. You offer no email address, only Chat and phone numbers to talk to another customer service rep who is ill-equipped to handle the problem. You have one year to change my mind. I know others feel this way. You should try harder to please your client. Your company makes plenty of money. You should be able to afford email support!