Miner not running. Here is a solution.

I have seen a lot of people being told to "reinstall Norton 360".  STOP DOING THIS!  You need to understand that when you are talking about Customer Support, you are NOT talking to a person with a great degree of computer knowledge.  You are talking to a person who is essentially a trained monkey, that has been trained to follow onscreen instructions but has very little computer technical knowledge and understanding. I am not trying to insult them or be offensive, this is just the truth.  They are low-wage workers that are taught to follow a computer program that has steps to diagnose problems.  They themselves do not know anything about what they are doing. Norton cannot afford to pay real computer technicians to offer you support. Even if you escalate to the next level of support, you are still not getting a computer technician, you are just getting a CS rep that has been doing this longer and has a little more experience.  These are good people just trying to make a living, but it does not make them computer technicians.  So when they tell you to reinstall Norton 360, it is not because they know that it is the problem.  It is because that is what the computer program is telling them to tell you to do because that is a basic step in troubleshooting.  Okay. In 99% of the cases, your installation of Norton 360 is NOT the problem.

Just because you are not actively using your computer, does not mean your system is idle.  Windows has dozens of programs running in the background all the time.  Some actually use the GPU.  One in particular that I have found that keeps Norton Crypto from running is called "Nvidia Container".  This program can use up to 30% of the GPU when the system is idle. So, if Crypto will not start mining, here is what you do.

1. Restart your computer.

2. Open Norton Crypto, press the pause button and turn the Miner off.

3. Press the CTRL, ALT, DELETE at the same time on your keyboard and click on Task Manger from the dialog.  You can also do this by typing TASKMAN in the windows search box.  This will bring up the Task Manager. 

4. Expand the Task Manager window and look for the column named GPU and then click on it to sort the column Descending (arrow pointing down) so that it shows which processes are using the GPU.

5. Click on any processes that are using the GPU and click the  END TASK button until no processes are using the GPU. (Except for Norton Crypto.  Leave that running).

6. Look in your System Tray at the bottom right-hand corner of your windows screen on the Windows Start bar.  See if you have any unnecessary, non-system programs running such as Dropbox, Steam, etc.  Right-click on these and turn them all off. 

7. Go back to Norton Crypto and click on START MINER and it should start mining within a minute or so.