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Mobile signature

Hi. I would like to tell you that mobile signatures are signatures that appear when you are accessing the forum from the mobile site. It's just like the normal signature but only appear to those accessing via mobile and vice versa. The mobile signature is not used to notify others that you posted from a mobile phone as your regular signature will show when you access the site via computer. So no "posted from mobile" in your mobile signature as it will appear below all your posts, whether you really posted from mobile or not. So use the opportunity to send a different message to mobile users. My mobile signature reads " Using Opera Mini, with tabbed browsing!" and links to the page to download the browser whereas my normal signature lists my system configuration. My mobile signature will appear to mobile users and is relevant to them in case they want a new browser.
Windows 7 SP1 64 bit (x64), Norton Internet Security 2012, Internet Explorer 9Turn on your social badge like the one I have set up on the left (box surrounding name). Click here to set it up.