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The modern curse/ripoff of marketing

I've been using Norton for a couple of years and been reasonably happy (is any AV product perfect?...don't answer that!), but just had my renewal notice.

The cheeky b******s were about to charge me more than double what it would cost for being a new customer!

It seems to be a modern curse that there are 'promotions' and 'discounts' for new customers, but loyal ones are gouged for every penny. I always understood it was much better to keep customers as it's so hard to win them, but nowadays no one seems to care. In fact, they seem to look on longstanding customers as a source of extra revenue.

I think it is despicable and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I'm tempted to switch to another provider, but they're all as bad as one another!



Re: The modern curse/ripoff of marketing

Community recommends "shop reputable vendors".   Turn Off Automatic Renewal and remove payment info > manage.norton.com

When comparing products, you should review the product features, subscription length, and the number of devices you can protect. The product price varies depending on which options you decide to purchase.
You may see different prices for products with the same features when comparing certain special offers, offers in different regions, or offers from some retailers.
To find the price of renewal, click Renew Now in your product. It shows your renewal options with prices. You get a chance to review and decide which option to choose before you purchase.

>> FAQ: Norton Purchase

Automatic Renewal offers convenience, not a better price.  Shop reputable vendors.
>> Norton Automatic Renewal Service Help

Frequently asked questions about Norton renewal and new product purchases.
1) Note: New subscription clock begins when your purchase is completed for online payments, (or otherwise, when your payment is received).  See FAQ and *Important pricing terms, offer details and disclosures, bottom of page: http://us.norton.com/
2) As soon as 'renewal' is purchased, the additional subscription time is added to the existing time. The customer doesn't need to enter a key or anything, the current key just gets updated.

3) A 'new' subscription purchase - where you buy a new key to enter into the product - will NOT add the subscription time to the existing/remaining time.
If you're purchasing on Norton.com, your subscription clock starts at purchase. Otherwise, the subscription clock starts at activation.
Norton product key or renewal code.

What is Norton Virus Protection Promise?


Re: The modern curse/ripoff of marketing

Hello aardvark7

We recommend to customers to turn off automatic renewal and to remove credit card information from their manage.norton.com site. You are welcome to shop around for the best buy you can find. That is if you are using the current line of products. If you are still using the old line of products, then you have to use the Norton store for renewals and they are higher priced than the newer line of products.

You haven't mentioned which Norton product you are using.


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Re: The modern curse/ripoff of marketing

I'm grateful for the advice, but it still doesn't excuse Symantec for following the current trend of dubious practices, then trying to pretend it's not a ripoff and, effectively, put the blame on the customer for trusting them to be fair!

Could you imagine what would happen if someone, having been driving a Ford for many years, went to replace their car, only to find that the price they are offered is twice what the person driving a GM would get?


Re: The modern curse/ripoff of marketing

Welcome to the wonderful world of marketing.

Symantec sells its products directly and through retail partners. Part of the agreement with those partners is that Symantec will not undercut the pricing of these partners. The partners in turn are free to set the price at whatever level they are comfortable with for their profit margins.

The price for a subscription Renewal is often more expensive and reflects a "Convenience Fee" for those that do not want to spend time searching for lower pricing, or risk forgetting to renew the subscription and risk losing their security protection.

This has been discussed many times on these forums, so Symantec is aware of the users concerns.

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