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Monitoring reports for Windows 8 systems does seem to work

My kids have Windows 8 laptops, which has the latest Norton software on it, including Norton Online Family.  They have accounts on their laptops and each has individual settings on those machines.  I have set up the Web filtering and time setting options for their accounts.

But when I go to check to see what websites they are going to or check on time usage, there are no reports available.  I have Norton Family installed on my laptop and I can see my own website reports.

I also don't think the time restrictions are working.



Re: Monitoring reports for Windows 8 systems does seem to work

Hi bluesguy1984,

When you log onto the Windows 8 as the monitored child, do you see a pop-up Window at lower right hand corner of the screen indicating you are being monitored?

Do any other monitoring functions work for the PC?

What browsers are used on the PC?

Does it  help if you uninstall/reinstall Norton Family on the PC?



Thanks Katie

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