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Kudos1 Stats

More detailed bandwidth usage data and graphing?

I was waiting ~7 months for Core to ship, and one of the main features that sold me on it was ability to see bandwidth usage for individual devices on my network. However, the amount of information that's presented is very minimal. We only get per-device total usage on a 1day/yesterday/weekly basis.

I was hoping the Core would give me the following:

1) list of domains/IPs with bandwidth usage (like Little Snitch on Mac but for my entire network)

2) ability to see bandwidth charts over time (e.g a device sending something at 3AM last week)

Is this something that's being planned for future updates? I ask knowing that you probably can't comment on future functionality, but also given that I have a 30 day window to return the product.



Re: More detailed bandwidth usage data and graphing?


Any Symantec/Norton employees willing to discuss this?

Anybody else find the reported data to be very limited in use?

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