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MRT.exe suspicious

I was recently looking through my security history when i discovered that MRT.exe had three times in a row done unauthorized access, i had a closer look at MRT.exe and read that it was identified on my pc around 8 months ago but it also says it was released less than 1 week ago, also there was fewer than five users who have used the file. Seeing as MRT.exe is a windows application i thought it a bit odd that less than five users had used it.

I was wondering if there is any cause for concern regarding this and if so, how do i deal with it.


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Re: MRT.exe suspicious

Hello.  The MRT.exe is the Microsoft Malware Removal Tool that is updated and released every second Tuesday of every month, part of what is called Patch Tuesday for Windows.  This is offered along with other updates for Windows on Windows Update.  The latest version of MRT.exe was just released yesterday, which is why not many people have used it yet.  You can perform a scan on the file with Norton to be on the safe side, but I wouldn't be concerned about it.  I hope this addresses your concern and if it does, please mark this thread as Solved.  Have a good day!

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