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MS17-010 Disclosure attempt: Locate attacking computer

I have been attacked by a computer, according to Norton Internet Security. However, the attacking computer IP address is a private one (172.xxx). Can I locate it, like by seeing if it is on my network? If not, what use is this for me, and why does Norton not report the public IP address?

Also, it has been blocked twice, but are there other measures I can take to be safe?




Re: MS17-010 Disclosure attempt: Locate attacking computer

Hello. Your issue arises from a protocol SMB1 being enabled on your OS. Please refer to this article. This article give details concerning how to disable it on various Windows versions. I recommend you disable SMB1 on all your computers running windows immediately and reboot them.

I wouldn't be concerned with tracing the IP since IP 172.xxx blocks aren't from your internet provider or the internet itself. But rather a reserved IP address on your private area network. There isn't a public IP for Norton to report. You may also want to run Malwarebytes on all your systems once SMB1 is disabled for peace of mind regarding hidden malware as well.


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