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This forum thread needs a solution.

Multiple Accounts on one multi user license


I have a 10 seat license for Norton Security which includes Identity Safe.  I have created my own IDS vault under my account and it works fine. 

I have installed one 'seat' from the license on my daughter's laptop.  She currently does NOT currently have a unique Norton Account, simply using the seat from my multi seat license.

I realise that a single IDS vault is tied to a single Norton account and only a single vault is allowed per Norton Account.

If my daughter wanted to create another IDS vault for her own use (clearly different content to mine and with her own (yet to be created) new Norton Account to allow Norton to distinguish between the 2 vaults) is this possible under the single, multi seat license OR does she need a new license that she would use under her own (currently non-existent but would create) Norton Account?

I suppose I am asking this question but in a different way - can multiple Norton Accounts use a single Norton Security multi seat license at the same time OR is the multi seat license uniquely linked to one Norton Account?  If this is a different question then the one I want help with is the second vault under a single license one above.

Thanks, Frank



Re: Multiple Accounts on one multi user license

Hi Franck,

You are absolutely right. It is possible to have only one vault IDS per Norton account.

Also you can use your Norton Account to manage your licenses and your own IDS vault.
You can then create as many Norton Accounts ("without license directly associated") as users in your household so that everyone can have their own IDS vault.

You can find more about this on this Norton support page : Configure Identity Safe for other users on your computer.



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Re: Multiple Accounts on one multi user license


Thanks VERY much for your reply.  When my daughter is around I will sit with her and create her own Norton Account and then follow the steps in the link and I will report back under this post as to whether we get the result we are looking for.

If it is all good then I will be very pleased.  Thanks for the pointer.


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Re: Multiple Accounts on one multi user license

Hello again,

My daughter and I tried to follow the steps in the post you provided, getting to step 6 and then failing.

When we opened the Norton main window on her computer, it was running OK with the correct subscription status.

Opened Identity Safe and signed in as a different user (now my daughter's Norton account that she had just reactivated from years ago).  Click sign in at step 5.

Arrive at step 6 and we are presented with a single option - input the vault password (with the password hint being the hint for MY vault).  There is no option to create a new vault under my daughter's Norton identity.

We tried inputting MY vault password but the vault would not open  - correctly I would assume as Norton Security is signed in as my daughter and we are trying to open MY vault.  It told us that the vault password was wrong.

So, we were unable to create a 2nd vault under my daughter's account.

The article you linked to was last updated in March this year.  There have been lots of changes to ID Safe recently so MAYBE the article is now out of date??????

Anyhow, if you can see a solution to what we have been doing then we can try again.

Regards, Frank

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Re: Multiple Accounts on one multi user license

Hello Frank, it is surprising. I did it a few time ago, so it is possible. I Will take the time to look in more détail at your message and give you an answer from my PC tomorrow night, if no one brings you an answer by the time. Have a good day.
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Re: Multiple Accounts on one multi user license

Hello yet again,

Well, strangely my daughter and I tried shutting down her laptop and restarting.  The Norton Security was running with MY login details and we tried the process of following the instructions in the post again.

It just worked!!  She now has her own vault (different to mine) under her login with her own password so she can save all her FaceTube passwords of whatever!!

It looks like we needed to 'flush' the Chrome cache or whatever by shutting it down.  We will see how it goes on as time moves on but it looks like we have what we wanted.

SO - thank you for your help Guillaume much appreciated.



Re: Multiple Accounts on one multi user license

Hi Frank

 If your daughter's Norton product opens up with your email address showing at the top, that would have been the account that ID Safe would try to sign into.

Now you say her vault is set up, when she opens Norton, does she now see her email address at the top?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Multiple Accounts on one multi user license


Yes - I agree with your conclusions about what SHOULD have happened.  Genuinely (both my daughter and I double checked to be sure - twice) her email details (hence her Norton Account login) were shown at the top of the Norton Security main window BUT we were initially NOT given an option to create a new vault for her, simply being prompted to sign in to an existing vault.  This existing vault's password reminder / prompt (when we clicked on it) was the reminder for MY vault BUT when we put MY data in we could not sign in to the vault.  The error message said something like incorrect account / password combination.

So, our conclusion (based on what had happened) is that Norton had got itself confused OR Chrome was confused (we all know that Chrome holds on to stuff that has been processed) and was presenting a mix of information with MY Norton Security / ID Safe details (which I had initially used to create / register the Norton security installation on my daughter's machine) and her, newly created yesterday, Norton account.

As I said in the previous post, we shut everything down, powered the machine down, switched on / signed in again and it worked just as Guilliame had suggested allowing us to create a vault related to my daughter's Norton account ID.  So, I cannot offer an explanation over and above the 'guesswork' above.  However, we are now up and running with EXACTLY what we wanted to achieve.

Onwards and upwards I hope!!


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