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Multiple "current" versions of Norton Utilities Ultimate?

I downloaded trial for NU Ultimate on my 2 machines and the version on Windows 11 is version 23.2.13798.... and on Windows 7 is v21.4.7.637.  Is that because v23.2.... won't run on Windows 7??  Don't need to fix, I guess, but want to know why they are so different.

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Re: Multiple "current" versions of Norton Utilities Ultimate?

the 23.2 is the beta of the new Norton Utilities Ultimate and the 21.4 is the old version of Norton Utilities Ultimate the full version is comming in september october q3 ther is many new things in the new Norton Utilities Ultimate version it is a complete redesign of the Norton Utilities Ultimate and when it is don the 21.4 get update to the new Norton Utilities Ultimate more to now just ask

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