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Multiple devices

Hello, I'm hoping someone can explain to me a problem I seem to be having with installing Norton Anti-Virus on both my desktop and a small laptop. I called the Norton chat line last week and was told that if I purchased the Norton Deluxe it would cover both computers for $49.99, so I went ahead and bought it. What I didn't understand was when I saw the confirmation e-mail they sent, it said that the expiration date for the Norton Deluxe expired on July 11, 2019? I received an e-mail today that told me that my protection on my desktop expires in five days. So I called the chat line this evening and said that I thought that when I purchased the Norton Deluxe a week ago it covered both computers, but I was told that my desktop anti-virus still expired in five days? Also, when I purchased the Norton Deluxe, I thought it was for a year's protection, but I'm still being told that the Deluxe still expired on July 11, 2019, which is not quite 6 months. I've been using Norton for a long time and every time that I renewed it, it was always for a year's protection. Could anyone help me understand what's going on? Thank you for your time.

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Re: Multiple devices

You will still have to contact Support again to have them sort this out. If they cannot sort out the expiry date, I would suggest requesting a refund of the Deluxe purchase and process a new subscription for a full year. 

The Anti Virus expiring in 5 days sounds like your old subscription information. What is shown in your Norton product's main screen? Did you enter the new product key from your email into your current product from the Help - Enter Product Key link?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Multiple devices


Please make sure you are contacting the correct Customer Support. Perhaps you can get the days remaining on your old subscription added to your new subscription?


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