Must delete Norton to connect WiFi remote camera

I cannot connect the WiFi to my GardePro E8 Trail Camera unless I remove the Norton 360 APP from my iPhone 13. I tried turning off VPN protection as well as turning off auto-connect VPN and even Safe-Web to no avail. My phone does find the (hot spot) WiFi sent out by the camera but fails to set up unless Norton is removed. It's a real PITA to have to delete the APP whenever I need to check the camera then reinstall it when I'm done. C'mon gang, there MUST be a fix?!?



Accepted Solution

Re: Must delete Norton to connect WiFi remote camera

A couple of features may involved here. 

If you have the VPN function turned on from within your 360 app, try turning it off and see if you can connect.

The second feature that may be involved here is the Safe Web function under Internet Security. Try turning that off to see if it will allow the connection. 

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