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My child is able to uninstall the NF profile on his iOS devices

My son was able to uninstall the profile on his iPhone. I only found out when I got an email many hours later from Norton saying he did so. He said he had to because he couldn’t use his phone’s camera and also all of his apps disappeared, when they were there the day before. I checked all of the settings, including blocked hours and allowed time, and I can’t find a reason for why his camera stopped working and his apps disappeared. I’m also getting emails saying he is trying to access a blocked website, and he isn’t. I was with him all the times he supposedly tried to access the site, and he wasn’t. When we tried to reinstall the profile on his phone, we get a message saying the server is temporarily down, but chat with support confirmed no server issues and asked us to us install the app and try to reinstall. Still having issues. 



Re: My child is able to uninstall the NF profile on his iOS devices

Hi MayaSpring,

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Uninstallation of profile cannot be prevented due to Apple's limitation where the user has utmost authority over their device.
  2. During Time Supervision or Instant Lock, all apps including Camera disappear and re-appear again post the curfew period.
  3. With the latest version v1.8.0, we have introduced a VPN feature which is used to monitor web activities from all the apps on the device. There could be apps that send web traffic in the background which is also monitored based on categories as defined in the house rules and reported to parents.
  4. Can you please try re-installing the profile one more time as it could have been a momentary glitch.

Thanks and Regards,

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