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My child discovered a way to bypass the time restriction setting, please help?

Okay so I have Norton Online Family installed on my computer for my teenage boy to prevent him from accessing bad websites and to also make sure the computer automatically locks on him at a certain hour so he isn't on it all night long. Well I discovered last night that he has found a way to override it, and I am wondering if there is a way to counter this?

I have the computer set up so that Norton Online Family automatically locks the computer at 11:00pm on weekdays and 12:00am on weekends. So what happens is it will give him the warning and in 60 seconds it will lock the computer, but then he simply goes back into the computer and again it will give him a 60 second window before it locks again. He will keep on doing this for a good 15 minutes, and then the Norton Online Family time restriction window no longer shows up and he is free to use the internet as long as he wants.

It makes me upset because I would have thought the computer AUTO LOCKS and doesn't let you get back in. It should simply disallow internet usage at the exact time I set the restriction, not allow the child to keep logging back in for 60 second incriments. Also after 15 minutes or so of doing this the restriction pop up no longer appears, so my 13 year old son has essentially found a way to beat the block.

How do I fix this? My only option is to take the computer away, which defeats the entire purpose of having a time restriction in the first place.



Re: My child discovered a way to bypass the time restriction setting, please help?

Hi RandomFirefly,

When the time is up or during a curfew period, the child would get an extra 60 seconds plus another 60 seconds while displaying a warning message with 60 seconds counting down.  After that,  the child is logged out of his/her account.  The child is allowed to log back to the PC for 60 seconds and receive another warning message with 60 seconds counting down to finish whatever he/she was doing .  Later, the behavior is repeated for the 3rd time,  so the child gets about extra 6 minutes, then he/she wouldn't be able to log back to the PC without the email address and password of the Norton Online Family account.

What I’ve heard is some children login again & again (after the exact 6 minutes) using the few seconds right before the program logs them out.  One thing you can try is to add a password for the child’s Windows account, so when the child logs back onto the PC diligently each time, it would create more work for the child to do it every few seconds. 



Thanks Katie

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