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This forum thread needs a solution.

My computer got hacked

Hey all, first time posting here.

I believe that my computer got hacked and i really need your help or any advice.

I'm using Norton 360..and also I have to let you know that English isn't my first language so ..bear with me.

Yesterday, i got two mails from my email's automated system.

First one saying that someone tried to log on to my account from abroad and the attempt got blocked that's what normally happens when somebody from abroad tries to log in to my mail account. (FYI i'm using NAVER email)

The second mail said that,strangely enough,my email password has been changed by someone....with my own IP address.

It was around 10 p.m when i got the second mail and I was still using my computer and haven't noticed anything that is unusual.

Somehow that hacker managed to bypass Norton 360  and changed my own email password .

I feel like I have been robbed. There isn't any visible damage beside my email but there's tons of 3d assets/projects stored in my computer  that i have been working on. For now I have changed the email password ,running full system scan and disconnected internet connection i'm typing this on alternate pc. I think that is all I can do right now

I don't know how did he break into my computer in the first place, I don't remember visiting any suspicious web site or downloading any malwares Norton was quiet all along. What should I do to minimize the damage and what things can i do to prevent this kind of things from happening? Thank you in advance.


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Re: My computer got hacked

Hi,bbbao. Sounds like you've done all the right things for now, but you may want to go to one of the free malware removal forums we recommend, where an expert volunteer can check your system.

Pick one, and stay with that expert until your system is declared clean. Do NOT try any self fixes.

http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ (link is external)
http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/ (link is external)
http://www.cybertechhelp.com/forums/ (link is external)
http://www.whatthetech.com/ (link is external)

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Re: My computer got hacked

Personal computers are almost never involved in email account hacks.  In almost every situation the email account itself is compromised, not the user's PC.  I would be very surprised if malware on the computer was used to access your email account.  There are many other, more likely ways that someone could have acquired your email account password.



Re: My computer got hacked

I thought my computer got hacked because the hacker used my ip adress to access the email . he seems to have already acquired my login data and tried to login from his home country. But since my mail is region locked (dont know if its the right term)he has failed but on his second attempt he used exactly same ip as mine to gain access. Dont know whether he used proxy or something. Any way thanks for your reply.

Re: My computer got hacked

Thanks, F4E. I'll check them out.


Re: My computer got hacked

Why do you say the hacker used your IP address?  Where did you get that information?


Re: My computer got hacked

Oh, i forgot to mention that the e-mail's auto system thingy sent me an user log information too.

Re: My computer got hacked

And what specifically was shown in the log information that indicated someone, other than you, was using your IP address (which is a unique address that can only be assigned to one device)?

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