My Feedback

I approached Norton Support because I didn't receive any SMS codes from Norton in order for me to log into my Norton Account. Then when I tried to request for SMS codes again, an error msg saying "You have exceeded the number of tries for SMS codes, pls try again later", your Norton Support agent told me to let the system cool down. I let the system cool down for 1 day but this SMS codes issue still could not be resolved. I was furious when a Norton Support agent by the name Anshika told me that I didn't need any SMS codes and that I can log into my Norton Account without any codes. Anshika was spouting nonsense, if don't need any codes then why there's 2nd Authentication Factor feature in Norton Account. Don't need any codes which means anyone can log into my Norton Account and anyhow buy subscriptions or change my datas, there will be no security and privacy in this case, how can Anshika say something like that! I'm very angry that Anshika was not providing the correct support which I needed. I was told by your Norton Support agent that I could not receive any SMS codes because the system auto-locked then my question is how come Norton Support Team cannot unlock the system? Also, there's a time when I have a chat support with a Norton Support agent, he suddenly closed our chat window without letting me know he had to go, so rude! Regarding the SMS codes issue, in the end I had to create a new Norton Account and for your Norton Support agent to transfer my existing Norton Account to my new Norton Account which means I had to redo my Password Manager which wasted my time. I'm not happy with the support which I received from Norton lately.