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My iPhone battery drain after updating my Norton app

When I updated Norton, 8 April 2022, I am having excess battery drainage when I make or receive calls, that I did not have before.  In my case for a 47m call Norton 360 was 59m, and it used 17% of battery.  I removed Norton 360 to determine if was due to Apple's new 15.4.1, it was not the case (in fact the battery service improved).

It would seam we are repeating our problems with Norton 360 when we had 15.1 - to - 15.3.

It was working perfectly with 15.4 via DATA and WiFi.

I am not having any problems with other APP/APIs.

Norton 360 has increased 'background' activities, which applaud, however, at the expense of battery life on an iPhone.  I had to remove the software on my 2 year old iPhone, resolving the problem.

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Re: My iPhone battery drain after updating my Norton app

The numbers you post for battery usage are a little odd. Norton could not use more time for the call than the time taken by the call. So some of the time you attribute to Norton would be for other functions Norton is providing in the background. If you wanted to check specifically  the Norton usage for a phone call, you would have to carefully note the battery use and app time for Norton  before and after making a call. I cannot see what Norton would be scanning during a phone call, because the call is already encrypted. 

I'm not saying you are not seeing more battery use since the update you got on April 8. But the issues you mentioned with iOS 15.1 and 15.3 were noted by many iOS users, including myself, and were attributed to the OS. Not any specific app.

Which iPhone are you using?  What is the Battery Health showing for your phone?

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Re: My iPhone battery drain after updating my Norton app

Trust me I do not wish to be wasting my time on any forum, to qualify a problem then to determine the correct solution.

For the purpose of the solution.  After 24 hours of not having Norton 360 on my iPhone, my iPhone returned back to normal where it lasted nearly two days with heavy use.  Only two versions of Norton 360 are compatible: 15.0 & 15.4.

iPhone 15 provides details of 'usage' by API/APP (if you know where to look).

I will refrain from using this forum / community, for the future, further to your comments.

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