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My Norton

I have looked everywhere on some info pertaining to my Norton Account.  I have only had it since Nov 2016, and this old computer is dying.  Can my subscription be transferred to my new computer?  Thanks for your help.

Diane B



Re: My Norton

Yes you can use the same subscription on a replacement computer. When you are ready to set up Norton on the new computer, you can go to    https://manage.norton.com

Then look for your current subscription in the Services page under My Norton. Then click on the trash can beside the computer you want to remove. That will free up the installation for the new computer.

Then you can click on the Download button and follow the directions to install on the new computer. That will download and install a preactivated copy of your Norton product.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: My Norton


Before installing Norton on your new computer, please make sure to remove any pre-installed security software which might be in a new computer. If you do have a trial security software, please remove it using the removal tool from the other vendor. After doing that, please restart your computer. Please also use a Administrator user Account from Windows to install your Norton product and to go over the settings.. Please remember to run Live Update until no more updates restarting as necessary and then one more time.


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