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My Norton Banner and Upsell Foldout Breaks UI

I have the most recent version of Norton 360 Deluxe ( installed on Windows 10, and the My Norton panel has multiple unwanted banner advertisements that are wasting screen space and preventing me from accessing the tools that I'm actually paying for.

I've spent hundreds of dollars on this product over the years, and it's so extremely annoying to see Norton advertising its own products and services in the app UI. Is this a freemium product or adware? No. Why are these ads forced on Windows users? Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired.

Has anyone at Norton actually used their own product? Explain to me how the user is supposed to see and interact with the items at the bottom of the scrolling list when the bottom item is almost entirely obscured by the "Additional Apps & Services" foldout? If you're going to force some foldout contents to always be visible, then just decrease the size of the scroll view, so that when the user scrolls to the bottom, they actually see the bottom of the scroll view contents. Having a foldout overlap the scroll view ensures the bottom contents will remain obscured.

  • Please change the My Norton panel on Windows so that the "Turn your PC's idle time into cash" banner can be removed/hidden by the user.
  • Please change the "Additional Apps & Services" foldout so that it fully collapses and hides all products contained in the folder until it's expanded by the user.

The "Turn your PC's idle time into cash" banner ad cannot be removed or hidden. I have no intention of ever joining Norton's cryptocurrency scam, and I don't want to see this banner. It's not present on my My Norton for the Mac, and I'm happy about that. Why are Windows users forced to see this banner?

Furthermore, the "Additional Apps and Services" foldout and the first product in the list occupies the bottom of the panel. It also shows other services sold by Norton and/or partners, and I don't want to see that on my screen. The Mac version of the My Norton panel shows just the foldout button and hides the actual product. Why doesn't the Windows version mimic that behavior? Why are Windows users forced to see this product offer at the bottom of the My Norton panel while Mac users see just the foldout?

While on the subject of UI improvements:

  • Please allow list items that have not been enabled to be individually hidden/removed from the list or at least moved to the bottom of the list.

Personally, I will never use "Cloud Backup", "Password Manager", and "Parental Controls". I can understand them being visible by default for new users interested in the features, but since a 50 GB backup container isn't worth my time (I have TBs of cloud storage available to me), I already use a superior third-party password manager, and have I no children, these options just waste space and increase cognitive load. Allow the user to hide them.

Why not have a "hide" option added to each of those on a dropdown context menu that moves the item to the "Additional Apps & Services" foldout? If the user wants them back, they just open the foldout and click "Set Up".



Re: My Norton Banner and Upsell Foldout Breaks UI


Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.


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