My Norton Secure VPN doesn't work

It should not take a programmer to make VPN work. I will NOT BE RENEWING!!!!

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Re: My Norton Secure VPN doesn't work

What specific issues are you having with Norton VPN? You should be able to turn on your VPN by going to the My Norton window. If in classic mode, click My Norton (bottom right selection) and then click "Turn On" for Secure VPN.

Some troubleshooting advice:

  • Ensure that you are not using any other VPN providers at the same time.
  • Ensure you are not trying to connect to the VPN on a network that does deep packet inspection to block suspected VPN traffic (e.g, some schools or workplaces).

Without additional information, I won't be able to help you much, but here are some troubleshooting guides that may or may not apply to you:

Fix problem with Norton Secure VPN window staying at "Connecting"

Fix problem opening Norton Secure VPN on Windows

Fix problem with Norton Secure VPN displaying "No Internet connection" status on Windows

FAQ: Norton Secure VPN

Turn on Norton Secure VPN


Re: My Norton Secure VPN doesn't work

La VPN no conecta "Su conexión no está protegida" en ninguna región, el soporte de Norton es muy básico y en varias oportunidades no me solucionaron el inconveniente.

Me indican que me llamarán del segundo nivel de atención desde el 19 de Enero 2022, se conectan por LogMeIn y no lo solucionan.

Mi equipo con Sistema Operativo Windows 10 Home Version 21H2 compilación 19044.1706.

Agradezco cualquier solución.

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