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I am running Windows 7.  On my C drive I have a file called N360_BackUp.  I am guessing this the the backup file.  It is 166gig, taking up more than half my hard drive.  I went into Norton Backup and if I delete all back up files, it frees up 1.6gig.  What is taking up all the other space?  Can I delete the N360_BackUp file and change the settings to run back up to an external drive?  Would that fee up the 166gig from my hard drive?  Trying to avoid buying a laptop at the moment.  THANK YOU!



Re: N360-BackUp

Hi GabsDad.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

Where do you think your backup is running to?  I.e. where in the backup section of N360 is it set to store the backup?  What best to do will depend upon your answer.

Backing up data from your C: drive to your C: drive is a fairly pointless pastime in my opinion though I know many people do it.  However I suspect it is because they just hit the "backup" button without thinking about what it is really doing.  So I would think it a far better idea to run your backup to an external drive rather than your C: drive.

Now I would suggest that the best thing for you to do is to get a suitable external drive and run a backup to it.  Then with that safely stored we can get back to worrying about removing the old backup(s) from your C: drive.


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