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N360 Not Starting With Windows 10

I upgraded from W7 to W10 before Christmas and all (more or less) worked well. Several of my applications needed reloading but gradually my PC ground to a halt over a couple of weeks. I successfully rebuilt my machine following a W10-initiated rebuild (remove all apps - leave data). Again all was successful and W10 appears good to very good. About 2 weeks ago I found that I was unable to open N360 nor could I open my vault in IE11. I struggled for a day then uninstalled and re-installed N360; a pain because my backup structure is a bit complicated. This happened a couple more times after each overnight shut down.

I then used the Agent Chat facility who used remote access and after some diagnosis poking around used Norton Power Eraser (NPE) to resolve the issue. NPE diagnosed TBBMeter as a possible cause of the problem so the offending software was removed. However despite three more remote accesses (XXXXXXXXX) with no fault found I still have to run NPE each time I boot up my PC.

I'm prepared to live with it for a short time until there's an update to N360 at which time I expect that the problem will go away! (Ever hopeful.)

The reason I'm posting on this Forum is so that others might try using NPE in the event of a N360 problem rather than go through the rather long-winded uninstall then install routine. It might speed things up.

Having been a Symantec/Norton customer for many years I have found that sometimes problems "just go away"! With a new OS like W10 with what seems to be self-healing capabilities and N360 getting to grips with "bedding in" issues I am forever hopeful.

However if after a couple of weeks the issue doesn't resolve or Norton doesn't get back to me to try to diagnose or get failure data I will have to push hard for a proper fix.

I hope this is helps someone.

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Re: N360 Not Starting With Windows 10


Thanks for posting -- it all helps. BTW I've asked a moderator to delete your case number since it's against Forum policy (and yours!) for personal info to be posted. Norton Staff will still be able to see it however.

Did you do any research on the TBBMeter? I just looked it up on it's website and it says:


tbbMeter is currently only available for Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit versions) and Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit versions). It also requires .NET 2.0 or a later version of the .NET Framework to be installed to work.

tbbMeter does work in Windows 8 but requires the TCP/UDP monitoring to be disabled. This can be done from the menu -> Types of Traffic to Display -> Disable TCP/UDP Monitoring.

so I would think it unlikely to operate under Windows 10.

My advice to you is to do all you can to clear out all traces of it. If it appears in Installed Programs, perhaps from your Windows 7 days?, then you could just uninstall it but see what TBBMeter say:

How do I uninstall tbbMeter?

To uninstall tbbMeter, please re-run the setup program. If you are not sure where you put this, you can download the latest version and use this to remove it. You may need to install the updated version before you can successfully uninstall. You can also uninstall from Control Panel - you will need to remove both tbbMeter and tbbMeter Loader (if present).

Why can't I uninstall from Control Panel?

You can uninstall tbbMeter from control panel, however this won't automatically remove the isposure automated testing software as this is installed as a separate entry. Re-running our installer will remove both tbbMeter and isposure, or you can remove both tbbMeter and isposure manually from control panel. You will also need to remove tbbMeter Loader (if present).

My advice would be to download the very good free uninstaller called RevoUninstaller since it begins by running the normal Windows Uninstall routine but then offers you additional steps to hunt down leftovers. I particularly like that at each step it not only lists what it has found and can remove but makes you select them before it deletes them and if I remember correctly it also backs up the Registry or asks you to.

When you go to download Revo Uninstaller I would recommend getting the fully free although limited version -- scroll down and you'll see it -- and not the free trial of the Pro version although that is very good and I'd like to have it I don't use it enough to justify buying!

Having gotten rid of TBBMeter, are you aware that Windows has a similar looking feature actually in it -- Task Manager -- press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys all at the same time -- on Windows 7 has a TAB labeled Networking which shows much of that. I don't know about accessing in Windows 10 but Search should find it; or there may be more specific Windows 8/10 utilities.

On the use of Norton Power Eraser  -- it is a very powerful tool that can fix some problems that other tools don't but because of its power it can cause damage to the system and is best only used by experienced users and for a specific reason that they may know of, or at least after safeguards like making an image of the system and being certain there are data backups.

The Norton Removal Tool  and the Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool are tools that uninstall and cleanup afterwards since just the Windows Uninstall, although scripted by Norton, does leave files and registry entries, some to make it easier to reinstall the product and some to product Norton against, for example, fraudulent reinstalls of free trials ....

NRRT has the advantage also that it downloads the most recent downloadable version of the product and you need that for Windows 10 -- I believe at the moment. You will have to still run Live Update a few times with RESTART between since the very latest may not yet be available as a downloadable package but only through LiveUpdate.

You might also consider upgrading to the current Norton product line since N360/NIS/NAV have been discontinued in the marketplace but still get support. If you use the free cloud storage of N360 then you need Norton Security Premium and the key from that will still activate N360/NIS/NAV as well as the current versions of Norton Security. Norton Security is not limited to Windows devices if you have tablets or smartphones .....

I hope that helps.


Re: N360 Not Starting With Windows 10

Hello John

You should not have to use NPE every day to boot up your computer. Have you checked out the condition of your hard drive? You may have some bad sectors in it which could be causing the slow down.

I would also recommend that you visit one of the free malware removal sites and have them check your computer with your help to see if you have any malware on it. They also can check out the condition of your computer also I believe.  Please pick one of the sites from this list.

Please see this link for an up to date description of these sites plus the addition of a newly listed site formed by one of our successful malware remover users. The new site is listed first in this link.


Please come back and let us know how you made out. There is definitely something wrong if you have to use NPE every time to boot up.



Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1903 Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 302 Android App 2.27 Chrome latest version.
Accepted Solution

Re: N360 Not Starting With Windows 10

Thanks to both of you for your helpful responses. I have noted and learnt from both. The RevoUninstaller was most useful and certainly cleared TBB including the Registry. I then ran NRRT and SUPRISE SURPRISE it kept my Backup settings. When Norton Agents remotely worked on the problem I had to manually rebuild my Backup settings. V was what was installed previously but obviously(!) TBB had some effect.

Most importantly I have learnt that with useful little programmes like TBB (which I have been using for several years and like the presentation and data collection) I must check out whether they're W10 friendly. I do use Task Manager sometimes to look at disk activity and various other indicators (I like to pretend I know what I'm looking at!) but it's presentation of network activity isn't quite as good as TBBs.

Finally having been retired now for over a couple of years the one thing I do miss is "the coffee machine/water cooler" environment when you can chat with the IT guys and get a modicum of ideas and steering from them.

Still I guess that's what this Forum has done. Thanks again.

All I want now is for someone to give me guidance on how to restore my Boot Sector which is not the remit of this Forum. It happened a few months ago whilst in W7 mode during a sudden power outage and luckily my System Repair DVD still works! There are so many suggestions on line some of which I have tried ... but the DVD still works!


Re: N360 Not Starting With Windows 10

Hi John

All I want now is for someone to give me guidance on how to restore my Boot Sector which is not the remit of this Forum. It happened a few months ago whilst in W7 mode during a sudden power outage and luckily my System Repair DVD still works! There are so many suggestions on line some of which I have tried ... but the DVD still works!

Well that doesn't stop me ....

Here's a link to a very useful forum on 10 and on how to make the equivalent of a System Repair DVD for Windows 10 -- a thumbdrive.


You just have a single boot system not dual booted with more than one OS on it? If you do multiboot then have a look at EasyBCD which is a very user friendly editor for BCD, the boot control in Windows, which can backup and restore as well as repair and edit the boot functions.

If you do decide you need it scroll down and get the free for private use version; you don't have to register if you don't want to but it hasn't harmed me! I think it's worth having and using it to download and save the wonderful on line documentation file for it -- you can learn a lot about how booting works and it's among the best documentation I've come across.

You are correct that the Tech Outpost Forum here is the place for computing questions not relating to Norton products. And CompuServe Windows Support and PCHardware Forums are good although not terribly active -- but some very knowledgeable sysops and users.


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