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N360 quarantined xul.dll (Firefox 36.0a1)

On 10/22/2014 Firefox (Nightly) was performing a daily update. I have been using this version of Firefox for months.

During the update I received error messages from N360.

Then Firefox displayed this error message on start-up.

So I opened Security History and found:

Xul.dll proved to be a Firefox file.

This hasn't happened before or since.  I notified Mozilla. I got no response to see if that particular build of xul.dll was infected.

I can't find a place on Norton to report this.

When I followed the More Info link it took me to Norton Enterprise.

TIA for any suggestions.

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Re: N360 quarantined xul.dll (Firefox 36.0a1)

Hi RustyHightower:

There's an known issue on the forum where users (except forum gurus) see an Image in Moderation placeholder instead of posted images - see here - so most users in this forum will be unable to see the images in your post until this problem is corrected.

In the mean time, if you suspect that the detection for xul.dll is a false positive you can make a submission to Symantec for analysis of this file per the instructions in Symantec employee Tony Weiss' thread How to report false positives.

Please read Tony's thread Attention: Firefox 3 through 30 users, which states "As of this posting, we will only support Firefox 31 and above. Beta and Pre-Release versions of Firefox will not be supported until they are released."  Symantec only supports the latest three official (stable) releases of Firefox (currently FF31, FF32 and FF33) and all central, aurora and beta versions of Firefox are not supported.  My current xul.dll file for FF33 is v. and if your xul.dll file for FF v. 36.0a1 is a higher version with a different SHA256/MD5 hash or has an unknown reputation in the wider Norton community that might explain the detection.


You might also want to read the recent product announcement Firefox 33 Support for Norton Toolbar.  If you go to Tools | Add-ons in your FF v. 36.0a1 browser and do not see an enabled Norton Toolbar extension then your browser protection is compromised because you are using an unsupported version of Firefox.
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Re: N360 quarantined xul.dll (Firefox 36.0a1)

Thanks Imacri for responding.  Apparently there do seem to be glitches.  My uploaded images are still under moderation.  This is my second attempt to create this reply.  The first time I clicked the [Preview] button and the forum engine locked-up.

In the old,old days we used to copy everything possible before clicking any buttons.  A crash was possible at any time.  Hence the modern day "reminders" to back up all data...

The links you provided were helpful and informative.

Thanks again!

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