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I bought an N360 netbook stick for my new PC sometime ago and I received email saying to update my credit card, then I rec'd another email saying my account was going to be cancelled because it was about to expire. I tried to update my credit card but 2 issues arise.

1) It asks me for a product serial number for which there is none in the "about" section so I cannot proceed.

2) The current version says I still 64 days before it expires.

Which is right, the software or Norton billing? What happens if it expires billing wise? Are my updates going to stop and be ripped off  for 2 months worth.

If so, goodbye Norton's, I'll get another product.


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Hi Dooges,

Please contact Symantec Customer Service as soon as possible at the link below (for US and Canada); you can use the chat feature for free; the e-mail you received may not be legitimate - another customer experienced a similar issue as described over here. Customer Support will be able to tell you if the e-mail was indeed sent by Symantec or if it is a scam attempting to steal your credit card information:

Please update us with the outcome - thanks :-)

Your Norton Ladybug.

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