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N360MD License Expired

Hi guys,

Need some assistance, I installed Norton a year ago from a CD.  After being prompted to renew I purchased a 3 year license.

When I log into Norton portal with my account, I can see the Norton 360 Multi-device with the product key and 0 of 5 seats used.

I click download, once complete I run Norton Management Installer.  I'm prompted for an account, I use the same login as above for the Norton portal.

I can tell the account logs in, I am then prompted with "N360MD account has expired" and cannot proceed further.

I'm not sure how to proceed, this error message directly conflicts with the available N360MD seats on my Norton account.

Any help or direction would be much appreciated.

Kind regards




Re: N360MD License Expired

hi Walter Wren11

I'm not sure if this is true for Mac however, at the bottom of the main Norton UI do you have Subscription Status, in the Windows version this is either Active or gives the number of days remaining.

If the later you should have Renew next to it, if this is the case click on Renew and it will give you an option to enter your new key when it should activate.

If the former click on Active when it will connect you to Norton Servers when the new window opens click on Renew Now where a further window will open when it will allow you the opportunity to click on I have a key or code to enter.

Please accept my apologies if this is not the same for Mac as it is for Windows version.


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