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Wow, Norton is getting more and more aggressive with the pop up offers and nags to set up features that I DON'T NEED.  It is getting worse and worse.  And I am GETTING SICK OF IT.

I have used Norton for a lot of years.  One of the original benefits was that it stopped the flood of pop ups if you went to the wrong site.  Now I am seeing FREQUENT pop ups from Norton with no apparent way to turn them off.

I have turned off the special offers notification.

How many time does Norton have to start my browser WITHOUT MY CONSENT because I don't use the Norton search engine?  Can Norton please learn from my first 10 answers of NO???  Or at least let me turn them off.  The stupid pop ups happen when I am doing something, so it CHANGES THE ACTIVE WINDOW in the middle of typing.  HOW MISGUIDED IS THAT????

So how do I turn off these unsolicited prompts for setting up features I already know about, and don't want or need?

And while we are discussing this, how do I turn off unsolicited and misleading marketing masked as warnings at the end of a smart scan.  How many times do I need to say NO to "warnings" that my info is on online phone directories, etc?  I know about them, and I also know that any contact info is years out of date, and is all completely wrong, so is not a threat at all.  So the warnings are completely misleading, and after seeing them over 10 times and still getting the warnings I am getting sick of them.

Honestly, does anyone buy these products after the 10th or 20th nag???

So, a suggestion to Norton --- realize that your customers are NOT captive to your advertisements within your program.  You will drive us away as you get worse and more persistent.  I am seriously considering trying BitLocker for the first time --- that seems like the easiest way to solve this annoying problem!

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to turn them off.




Do you run Special Offer Notification = off? - 06-Dec-2021
Note: Special Offer Notification Off does not stop all Norton pop-ups. - 08-Nov-2023

Try renaming nuPerfScan.exe => nuPerfScan.exe123

(temporary disable Norton Tamper Protection to rename)
C:\Program Files\Norton Security\Engine32\\nuPerfScan.exe - 29-Dec-2021

The Old Professor:
The only true solution to this issue. - 03-Jan-2022



bitlocker is on by default

as for the ads i dont see them too often ( special offers is off), i get them after some builds/patches sometimes saying i need to install this or that for my browser(s)  but i just close that window or if its a option the dont show me again

i get the data breach alerts from time to time