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Is NAV 2009 Compatible with NSW 2006

I recently upgraded to NAV 2009. Prior to the installation, the setup utility uninstalled NAV 2008. When the uninstall was completed and the computer restarted, Norton Protection Center (Norton System Works) warned that "There is no virus protection installed on your computer." After NAV 2009 was fully installed, the warning remained. I now have two Norton Anti Virus icons in the tray. One shows a green dot with a check mark indicating that the computer is secure, but the other has a red dot with an "X" indicating that no virus protection is installed. I am running an older version of System Works - 2006 - and wondered if it just didn't recognize NAV 2009 for some reason. Am I protected, or not. I will be installing NAV 2009 on about 20 computers in the next few days, several of which have NSW 2006 installed.  Should I just uninstall NSW? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!        



Re: Is NAV 2009 Compatible with NSW 2006

Hi 1854sailor,


NSW 2006 cannot integrate or recognize the NAV 2009 as it was entirely developned and designed in a new engine. That is why you are getting red x on NSW 2006 icon in the System tray. The otherone which shows green check mark is for NAV 2009. You can also try to get a free upgrade of NSW by contacting the Symantec Customer Services.


Otherwise, you can simply ignore the Protection Center alerts from NSW 2006. You can check the status of the new NAV 2009 from the program interface itself. As long as NAV 2009 program interface doesn't alert you regarding any security issues, you don't have to worry about the alert you receive from NSW 2006. You may be able to use the other components in NSW 2006 without any problem.



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