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NAV for MAC 11

I recently downloaded a copy of version 11 off of my company's website. The installation went fine but I was never asked for a product key. I called the company's software product support phone number and they told me that our company was able to distribute the software to employees and that no key was necessary.

I've had it installed now for a month and it has yet to successfully update either software or virus definitions. I keep getting a generic NAV error dialog box stating "there was an error performing the update". No other explanation is given. 

I'm running OS 10.4.11 and was noticing that some of my applications were getting pretty bogged down. Thought I'd download NAV and scan the system since it was running unprotected previously. Scans came up with nothing.

Any ideas on this or should I just sc**bleep** NAV all together?



Re: NAV for MAC 11

Sorry for the problems. To help us troubleshoot:
  1. Download GatherSymantecInfo.zip from:
  2. ftp://ftp.symantec.com/misc/tools/mactools/GatherSymantecInfo.zip
  3. Expand GatherSymantecInfo.zip by double clicking on it.
  4. In GatherSymantecInfo folder, double-click GatherSymantecInfo.command.
  5. When prompted, enter your computer user password. If you don't see a prompt for your password, then you need to restart your computer--this is a bug in Snow Leopard that sometimes causes a blank Terminal window to appear.              
  6. When prompted for a subscription key, simply press return.
  7. Post the SymantecInfo.txt file here on the forums. If you have problems posting it here, please contact me privately on the forums via private message with your e-mail address.
Your employer is correct; Norton AntiVirus 11 does not require a product key to run in enterprise environments. 
Do you happen to know which version of Norton AntiVirus was downloaded and installed? The latest installer that is available is Norton AntiVirus 11.1.
Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

Re: NAV for MAC 11

The NAV version I downloaded was V 11.0

Attached below is the file you asked for.

Thanks and Happy New Year

File Attachment: 
Accepted Solution
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Re: NAV for MAC 11

Here's a couple of thoughts for you.  First try to install LiveUpdate 5.1.2 manually.  It's possible that LiveUpdate is trying to download something that was signed with a certificate that was newer than your version of LiveUpdate can handle.  Here's a link to LiveUpdate:


If that doesn't work, then perhaps some of the files on your corporate LiveUpdate server have been modified after they were signed by Symantec.

The problem you are having is that LiveUpdate is unable to validate the contents of a file that it's downloading.


Symantec Engineer

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