NAV scan stalling at file 1721 of 32258 - Windows Media.sitx

Okay... here's my prob. Every time I try to scan my second IMAC (for approx the past 2 weeks) (running 11.. all upgraded OS, etc.), it's stalling out at the Windows Media.sitx file.. which, ironically, I cannot find when I search the hard drive. It's also giving me an "infected file could not be repaired. Archive restored message." ... but my activity log will not reveal exactly which file is corrupted.

#1 - Any ideas how I can pass by this file.. and/or delete it since I can't find it.

#2 - Why doesn't the activity log reveal the file names of infected files that it is replacing via archive rather than quarantining?



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Re: NAV scan stalling at file 1721 of 32258 - Windows Media.sitx

Hello J,

Sorry to hear about the problems. Since Norton AntiVirus seems to stall when it encounters this specific file, I'd like to get a copy of that file so we can diagnose the problem further. But it sounds like we need to find the file first.

If Spotlight cannot find the file, you can use the command line instead. Open the Mac OS X Terminal application, which can be found in your iMac's Utilities folder (inside the Applications folder). When the Terminal application opens and displays a new window, type in the following:

sudo find / -name \*.sitx (press return)

(Be sure to use the correct slash--that one can be found above the return key). You will be asked for your password, so that Terminal can search the entire hard drive--even hidden and protected folders. The \* will instruct the Terminal to find all ".sitx" files. Try looking for the offending file in the list of results from the Terminal.

If the Terminal finds the problem file, it will display the full path in the Terminal window. Please send me a PM (Personal Message - the yellow envelope in the upper right corner of the forums) and I will reply with my email address, so we can track down this issue.

If you want to prevent the AntiVirus scan from stalling, you can delete the file if it contains nothing important, or you can exclude it from your scan.



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