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This forum thread needs a solution.

nav.exe has high cpu

For the last few weeks nav.exe has been going to ~75% CPU. It usually happens after playing a flash based game or overnight (maybe during the system idle scanning). The high CPU prevents sleep mode from occurring. Another effect is that when the CPU is high and I start Thunderbird, any email I send will get a RSET. Even after closing Thunderbird, Norton will continue sending resets to the SMTP server (I can see this happening in Wireshark). When this is happening, shutting off all the features for Norton has no effect. The only fix is to reboot. It will then be fine until nav.exe decides to freak out again. High CPU usage for nav.exe (as shown in task manager) and all the associated problems Norton AV is causing are the only problem I can find. No browser redirects, no apparent traffic being send elsewhere. No popups or any other odd behavior. According to Process Explorer there are three threads in nav.exe at ~25% each that are the problem. I currently have Windows 7 and Norton Antivirus (the update function thinks that is the latest). Norton's help and forums comment a lot about high CPU alerts etc, but nothing much about nav.exe itself being the problem. As my renewal is due, this is urgent, please advise as soon as possible.



Re: nav.exe has high cpu

Since you were considerate enough to ignore my help request for more than a week, I am being consider enough to solve your work load problem. I've bought McAfee and removed Norton's. Great customer service. Thanks. Is there anything below zero stars?


Re: nav.exe has high cpu

hi Deathshead

Sorry that you have received no response to your original post, I have to admit that although I use the forum daily this is the first time I've seen your thread I usually look at each new thread made and any threads with a new post.

Most of us here are normal users trying to help voluntarily although there are a number of Norton employees who take part.

I am not really sufficiently knowledgeable to help you with your particular difficulties I, and I know there are others, normally make a comment and try to find somebody to help if no comment has been made fairly soon after your original post, apologies that this has not been done.

I will bring it to the attention of somebody who may be able to help although I do note that you have already purchased McAfee.



Re: nav.exe has high cpu


What is your operating system and the amount of RAM installed

Like the others here I'm just a volunteer and user here. I haven't been as active for a number of reasons, no excuse really. Just trying the get W10 organized, help out on the French forums and work full time, as well as get a bit of sleep from time to time.

Since you have purchased and installed McAfee I hope that you ran the Norton Removal Tool


first so that the new security program has a clean system to run in. If not, then you will need to run the McAfee removal tool


reboot and run the Norton Removal Tool, reboot and reinstall McAfee.

We'll be here when you need us. Til then

Stay well and surf safe


Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU

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