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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Need - 2- Know !

Sharing !
​The attached unsolicited 'pop-up' appeared on my 'desktop'. WHY ?

It's irritating. Any way of turning this stuff off.



Re: Need - 2- Know !

This just started recently for me as well, just in the last few days!  It has been popping up every day after the same time, or when I turn my PC on (whichever comes second), and I click the same thing each time, "NO THANKS".  Tomorrow, it'll be right there, again!  It doesn't help that it attempts to force overlay, even on top of programs running in FS mode, this is with "full screen detection" enabled too!

Looking through all the settings, I have already disabled "special offer notifications" & "report card", and nothing else I see seems related.

Is this really necessary?  Do we need to be reminded every day that we can install on multiple devices?