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This forum thread needs a solution.

Need Help Norton 15 Dell Restore

A long time ago when I first got Norton 15 ... folks here helped me with what to back up. 

I have a Dell with 3 partitions: one has no name, C drive (win 7) and Recovery

I screwed up Win 7 and want to restore just the Windows 7 partition.  I need to go back a few months.

According to the original directions I received the Recovery partition should NEVER change.  Well I have been backing that up and the Recovery partition size changes a bit from time to time. 

 Should I just restore the Win7 partition or both Win7 and Recovery partition?

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Re: Need Help Norton 15 Dell Restore

Did you backup the partition with no name?

It may well be 100mb size and that will contain the boot files.

Have a look in disk management to confirm.

If you restore the Win7 partition it may not boot all depends on that unnamed partition.


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