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Need Help Verifying Website

I am trying to have my website verified.  It is a wordpress blog.  I am not sure I put the ownership verification code in the right place, or even where it goes.  I cannot insert the meta tag and have no access to the root folder. It will not automatically verify.

Please help.

My site: http://2browndawgs.com


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Re: Need Help Verifying Website

Hello 2browndawgs and welcome!

Working with a Wordpress format may limit your ability to place the meta tag correctly.

In viewing your source code, I can see the authentication code inside a division tag <div> </div> which is why it it visible on your home page. (assuming that your code begins with znl-4eunnx98....)

You may not be able to place the tag properly and use the automated verification process, but there is enough information for the Safe Web team to check it.

I shall notify the Safe Web team who will manually verify site ownership. Allow them a day or two to respond back to you in this thread.

Once ownership has been verified, your site will be queued for the rating evaluation.

Be sure the code remains in place until ownership is verified. Leaving the code in the meta tag will not affect your site or the visitor's experience.

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Re: Need Help Verifying Website

Hi 2browndawgs,

Thanks for adding metatag on your website. I have verified owership & queued up your website '2browndawgs.com' for analysis, soon new rating will be reflected in safeweb.norton.com.



Re: Need Help Verifying Website

Thank you Phil_D and  rajesh. 

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