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Need for Improvement

I am sick to death of getting e-mails from Norton suggesting that I add more equipment to my account.  How do I stop this?  There is no unsubscribe that I can find. 

Also, I tried password manager and found it woefully short on features.  I can't get that stupid circle, or lock, or whatever it is, to quit coming up on log-in fields.  The password manager is difficult to use, not at all user friendly, and I need an easy form fill function, which this doesn't have.  That's a shame, because I pay extra to have a password manager that will allow the functions I need.

Then, there is the fact that when I do a backup to a USB drive, I get remonstrations that I should back up to Norton's cloud site.  If I wanted to save to someone else's server, I would do it.  Knock it off!