This forum thread needs a solution.


I need to buy a phone and I need suggestion Iphone 11 or Samsung not 9??




Note 9.

Truth be told I am not really impressed with the whole "apple" thing. There are some things they do well. However to give it perspective, and this would assume you're old enough to recall who Tandy and Radio Shack are, Apple is very restrictive in use with no real options other than Apple opitions.

Note 9 has a big battery (LOL) you don't need the note 10 unless you go Note 10 plus 5G.

5G (fifth network generation) is the question. Meaning: How long will 4G still be supported. I find myself in this situation now with my everloved Galaxy Note 3. Apps are less and less backward compatible and my phone carrier (AT&T) is dropping 3G support soon so that my phone supposedly wont work which is odd because it is on 4G now.

Likely not much help here. I would go Note 9



Yeah.. I'm Old enough.. First Computer was a Radio Shack Color Computer Two with a cassette Tape Drive I bought just before Transferring to germany in '85. Then a Commodore 128D (German Specs) and a Commodore 64 after I got back to States in '89.

As for Tablets and Phones.. I have had many.. Before purchasing ANY I go Online and read as Many reviews as I can about potential Purchases.. Forget the Three -word.. 'It's Great' or 'It is TRASH' reviews with NO SPECIFICS about Problems or good features... Likely Competitive 'Bot's paid to discredit a Rival product or falsely Pump up theirs. Also.. Skip the 'Just bought it yesterday or Last Week and..etc.... Reviews. No experience using a product tells you NOTHING about Potential issues or Perks.

Usually reviews showing at LEAST SIX-MONTHS use are helpful ..especially if there are Numerous reviews citing the SAME issues !

What's the BEST Product? The Product YOU are USING and SATISFIED with..that Fits YOUR NEEDS! At a PRICE YOU Can AFFORD.

Best Regards