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Tried starting VPN and this pop up saying "NEIKEv2Provider wants to sign using key "Norton" in your keychain"

This feels like a hack(er) because not only is the grammar incorrect, the name is NOTHING like Norton would sanction. This pop up is keeping my internet down and me from accessing anything on my laptop. PLEASE ADVISE!


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Re: NEIKEv2Provider

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Re: NEIKEv2Provider

Multiple people have asked for information on what NEIKEv2Provider is. Norton offers no explanation other than it is a "service".  Really? That's the best explanation Norton can provide?  

Why does Norton need access to our keychain all of a sudden?  So we are safe from hackers if we use Norton's VPN but have to give up our passwords to Norton in the process?  Sounds sketchy.  Particularly sketchy because Norton has repeatedly been asked this question by consumers yet will not or can not explain why this is now necessary.  A respectful layperson explanation is deserved by consumers of your product.

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Re: NEIKEv2Provider

Turn on VPN to allow Norton to protect your Mac against suspicious network activities
When adding the VPN profile, you need to provide your Mac administrator account password to allow the keychain access for NEIKEv2Provider. NEIKEv2Provider is a service responsible for establishing secure VPN connections. It requests the access to the keychain to receive the required authorization data for the VPN connection.

You may see the keychain alert again if you have clicked the Allow option in the first alert notification. In that case, make sure that you click the Always Allow option in the second keychain alert so that you will not receive the keychain alert again when you access the VPN option in the future. 

NortonLifeLock Employee
NEIKEv2Provider is a service responsible for establishing secure VPN connections (built in VPN protocol on Mac).

NEIKEv2Provider requests access to the KeyChain in order to receive authorization data required for the VPN connection to be established. 

I have this tab/bar that keeps popping up on my msaying this “NEIKEv2Provider wants to sign using key “privateKry” in your keychain.
NEIKEv2Provider is a service responsible for establishing secure VPN connections. It requests access to the KeyChain in order to receive authorization data required for the VPN connection to be established.

I have a Trend premium subscription as part of my partner John Eyre's 3 year subscription and on login to my iMac I keep getting asked for NEIKEv2Provider and  "privateKey password in my keychain"?  How do I find the password?

stands for the Network Extension Agent and it facilitates the connection from your Mac to our VPN servers. Since our VPN app for Mac uses the IKEv2/IPSec VPN protocol, allowing the neagent to access Keychain is a necessary step to create a secure VPN connection. 

Keychain Access is the macOS built-in password management app. It stores your passwords and account information so that you have fewer passwords to remember and manage.

When you access a website, email account, network server, or other password-protected item, Keychain Access offers to remember or save the password. If you choose to save the password, it’s saved in your keychain so you don’t have to remember or type your password every time.

The NordVPN app stores your account password in the keychain for safety and convenience. Every time you connect, our app will access the keychain for your password, and you may get a prompt to enter your keychain password. The keychain password usually matches your device password, unless you have changed it. 

VPN Unlimited
Next, you need to allow access to your KeyChain for neagent or NEIKEv2Provider (the name of the service depends on your Mac version). Enter your macOS account password and select Always Allow, so that this notification will never appear again (unless you change the password or reinstall  our VPN app for Mac). 

PE Rockwell:
The VPN configuration is placing a digital certificate in your keychain - the certificate is used to secure communications over the VPN. If properly set up using the guidance that Norton has provided, the request for the password should only be happening once. You have to select "Always allow" in the setup dialogs instead of "Allow" to make that happen. Otherwise the VPN will ask you for your password every time it needs to access the digital certificate it stored in your keychain. 


Re: NEIKEv2Provider

Here is my chat session with Norton on this - October 31, 2021 9:30PM EST

I uninstalled, downloaded and reinstalled norton VPN because I could no longer turn it on.  I need to create my laptop VPN connection manually because I have McAfee installed.  I only want to use Norton VPN without Norton Security.  Need talk to person

Mehak A|9:04 PM

May I know the exact issue you are facing with Norton VPN?

9:04 PM

I can not turn it on.

9:04 PM

it is installed

9:05 PM

i think that i need to setup my vpn network connection again

9:05 PM


9:06 PM

I have McAfee installed.  I only want to use Norton VPN without Norton Security.

9:06 PM

That is how I have done it in the past.

Mehak A|9:07 PM

Thank you for information.

9:07 PM

your welcome

Mehak A|9:09 PM

I would like to inform you that this is an ongoing issue and we have received many complaints regarding this. Our team is working on this and it will be resolved soon.

Mehak A|9:09 PM

I would request you to wait 24 hours as we are hopeful the issue will be resolved soon. In case it isn't you can contact us back within 24 hours and we will give you an update or troubleshoot the issue as per directions. This issue is occuring due to the recent roll out of new updates in the Opertaing system of Apple.

9:10 PM

however, my mac is running an older version of OS X

9:11 PM

macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6

Mehak A|9:11 PM

Norton is supported on the OS version of your Mac. This issue is widespread over all versions. There is a syncing error between the Norton product and the updates.

9:12 PM

oh i see - thank you - 1 last quick question - how can I confirm if my vpn is working

Mehak A|9:13 PM

It is possible that the VPN may not work until this issue is resolved.

9:13 PM

ok thank you

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