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Nesox Email Marketer --- Backdoor.Graybird virus ?

Why Nesox Email Marketer Software is classified as a Backdoor.Graybird virus ?




Re: Nesox Email Marketer --- Backdoor.Graybird virus ?

Hi znmng,


Please provide more information:

When Norton program detected the Nesox Email Marketer as Backdoor.Graybird virus?

Did you get any alert from Norton program when you run the Nesox program?

Did Norton program removed/quarantined any file from Nesox Program?


Refer to this Symantec Support Article for more information on Backdoor.Graybird. If it is a particular file recognized as backdoor.graybird by Norton, you can submit that file to Symantec Security Response for further analysis. Here is the link:





Re: Nesox Email Marketer --- Backdoor.Graybird virus ?

Is it when you go to that Web Site Norton gives you a pop-up about this Trojan Horse, with the Application not installed?  Or do you have the Application installed on your system?  Or is it when you were Downloading the Program that Norton Detected this Trojan Horse?   Or it that you have the Application Installed and when you go to that Web Site Norton Detects the Trojan Horse?  Please provide Details.

Also, please could you follow the Removal instructions and see if you can find Files related to the Backdoor.Graybird Trojan Horse and, if so, please Remove them.  Let us know if you do find Files for this Trojan Horse.

Thanks in advanced!

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