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Got my Core this weekend and setup has been pretty smooth thus far. Love the App control.  So far so good!

Device connections have gone well except for my Nest Thermostat, which refuses to connect to the Core, continues to fail. Any ideas?  Nest occassionally gives a w-2 suggested error which regards the possibility of MAC Address filtering causing the issue?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



Re: Nest

@X_Code_X - Which generation of Nest thermostat do you have?  I have a second generation--if I have the same issue I won't be able to switch to the Core when it arrives :(  Please let us know if you find a fix!

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Re: Nest

I also have a second gen Nest and I had no problems with it connecting to the new router.

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Re: Nest

X_Code_X  We are/have been testing Nest brand devices and made sure all of them are working fine with Norton Core.

Here are few actions that can be taken to ensure your Nest device will work:

1.  check that you have used the correct SSID/Password to your Nest device.

2. In case you have used the same SSID/Password as you used in your old router,  please restart the Nest device.

Hope that helps.


Re: Nest

Thanks all for comments.  For any concerned, NEST is now online.

Benz - I figured as much re: NEST products & thank you for ideas.  Yes, we entered the SSID/Pwd about 20 times yesterday, and after submitting ticket to Nest and submitting this post, also attempted a restart of the NEST device. Still no dice.  Next step was to perform Restart & wipe all info.

HOWEVER, today before attempting next step, gave it one more shot & it then took and signed on to the network. We are good to go!   The oddity was yesterday all NEST Protect devices immediately worked with the new Core, the thermo was just being difficult.

The only thing we can figure was that when first setting up Core, I went with the option to keep the same SSID and Password.  Everything in the house was all jumping on.  But then the App suggested a stronger password than I already previously had.  So I kept same SSID but new password.  It's possible the NEST thermo, even though putting in the new password, needed a few hours after a restart to see the new version of same name. SSID  My DISH Hopper 3 saw two identical SSIDs w/same name for a short period as well.  That's my only guess. 

But we are good to go now.  Love the Core & App so far.  Makes what I used to do so much easier, now.  I used to have to run two networks (second iBOSS router for Parental Control) and I can admin one network now in the house again!!!  Range is now much stronger throughout the home.

The only curious thing I will say is even tho now it's online, I do not see NEST on the device list on the Norton Core App.  FYI.


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Re: Nest

X_Code_X glad to hear that. Most likely the issue was due to the fact the SSID was the same and the Nest was trying to use your old password as it had a hidden assumption that same SSID means same password (This is a guess only).

As for the detection in the device list. Please reboot your Core: that will disconnect the Nest and the reconnect will generate the appropriate traffic from Nest for Core to read, identify and display it. 

Enjoy it.

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