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Networked PC Sucking Up Bandwidth, No Explanation, Virus?

There's a particular person on my home network who always sucks up the bandwidthh whenever he's jacked into the network. I monitor my ping real-time, and whenever I leave him plugged in, the UDP/ICMP ping just skyrockets and spikes, as in, 800, 400,700, 20, 900, etc. If I unplug him, it returns to small, normal spikes from  20~50. He has Norton 360 installed, like the other PCs in our household. I've monitored his usage, killed his BitTorrent and some other network hogging things, and it still reoccurs. Think this might be some sort of virus? Norton 360 hasn't been able to pick up anything, possibly something snuck in and hid itself from Norton?

Later on,when he has the time, I'm gonna initiate two non-simultaneous scans with him unplugged from the internet, but I doubt it'll work since Norton couldn't pick it up in a prior scan. Help!