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The new 'Bing' search site and Norton!


I visited the new search site today for the first time and noticed that the 'safe site search verification' (Green ticks, red ticks) is missing? Is this because it's new and Symantec is working on it or am I missing something here. Google shows the green ticks ok! Couldn't see anything on this forum relating to this issus so thought I'd ask to see if anyone else noticed the same thing.

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Re: The new 'Bing' search site and Norton!

Hi Brummie,


The Microsoft's new "BING" search is still under it's BETA phase. Once it is out of beta, Symantec will surely flag it's search as Safe or UnSafe. 




Re: The new 'Bing' search site and Norton!

Thank you very much Yogesh, I posted only a few minutes ago and have my question answered almost straight away! Brilliant.

Have a good one.

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