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New Computer NIS Trialware

I'm setting up a new computer with NIS as a trialware, which runs out in 60 days.

The trialware activation sign-in page said it found my account from my email address and accepted my password;but logging into my account all I see is the trialware on my new machine. (The original computer is kaput!)

Do I have to remove the trailware somehow from this new computer and download another copy of the program for it to be recognized?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.




Re: New Computer NIS Trialware

Hi Bluetoo,

If you had NIS 2006 or a later version installed on your old machine, then you'd be able to use the product key to convert your trial version into a full version; usually, the product key is listed in your Norton account, and if you installed Norton via CD, on the CD sleeve. Depending on how many licences you have got (1 PC or 3 PC, for example), you might have to reset the number of your activations, which only Symantec Customer Support can do. You can contact Symantec Customer Support at the link below and use the free chat feature:

Customer Support can help you with transferring your subscription to your trial version.

Your Norton Ladybug.

Re: New Computer NIS Trialware


It sounds as if the trial installation -- you installed it? It did not come on the PC already? -- has set up a new mynortonaccount.

But in any case if you apply an existing key used on another installation the trial period will be wiped out by the remaining time on the existing key .... although we hve heard of Norton CUstomer Support adding it back when asked nicely <g>

As suggested -- using OnLineCHat is probably the best way of sorting it out in your favor .... Scroll down from that first Post it now icon to the one marked CHAT or you'll find yourself back here!


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