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This forum thread needs a solution.

New Documents Take Too Long to be Backed Up

When new documents get created on my computer, I expect them to be backed up within an hour or so.  However, Norton Security with Online Backup usually takes 24-48 hours -- sometimes longer -- to create a backup.  I can understand it taking a while if the document size is large, but this happens routinely with documents in the 100-500 KB range, which given my internet connection speed should be uploaded in less than a second. 

The "When" configuration for all backup sets is set to "Automatic", so I assume that it should be looking for new files when the computer is idle and creating the backup fairly quickly, but this is not the case.

I really like the idea of an integrated solution for security and backup, but if there isn't any solution for this inexplicable delay, I will have to go back to CrashPlan.



Re: New Documents Take Too Long to be Backed Up

Hi atldmc.

I do not know how the backup is supposed to work but the timescale you mention does not surprise me given the nature of the product.  I do not think that the backup in N360 and NSBU is intended as a heavyweight backup but something that is easy on the user....

Personally I am not fond of the "Automatic" option as I cannot be sure of when it is going to run.  Therefore I leave mine on "Manual" then if I get anything that I think needs backing up urgently I can just hit "Run Backup".

You might like to try it on manual and see if it is still taking a long time.

Are you backing up online?  That is normally slower than to a local disk.


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