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New EAP Build is now Available! (4th January, 2019)

Hi Early Adopters,

We have a new EAP build available through LiveUpdate! 

To access the new build, simply run LiveUpdate from your [EAP Channel] product. You will see a few updates download and apply. Keep running LiveUpdate until it asks you to apply the patch to the updated build. Once you apply the patch, you will be running the new build.

Feature changes:

  • Wi-Fi Security feature protects from MITM attacks, SSL strip attacks, content tampering attacks, ARP spoofing attacks, and DNS spoofing attacks.
    Public Wi-Fi connections are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. MITM attack is a setup where an attacker places himself between you and the Wi-Fi provider. You might think that you are connected to your trusted Wi-Fi provider but you would be connecting to a malicious tool which is recording all your keystrokes and passwords.
  • Few minor bug fixes

Note: You may need to run LiveUpdate and reboot a few times before your product is completely updated to the latest version.

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation