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New Features to Test on Norton EAP

Welcome to our first Norton EAP! For our initial launch, we want to introduce you to a new feature in the upcoming release and test out the experience. We have one small feature to kick things off, but there will be more to come:

NEW FEATURE: Settings Search

What does it do?
Use this feature to quickly find, modify, and learn about settings within the product without having to browse through all the various settings screens to find something.

How do I turn it on?
You can access it by the magnifying glass​ icon here:​​

In addition you can configure your own "hotkey" in the settings area to launch it quickly whenever you like.

How can we make it better?
Any ideas how to make this easier, better looking, or more intuitive?  One reason we are excited about this feature is the telemetry that it will provide in terms of what items customers are actually searching for.  This can help us optimize the results and learn more about our customers and what words they think of and use the most.

NEW FEATURE: Early Adopter Program Features

Since we've also started releasing the pre-release products via the Early Adopter Program (EAP), we want to know what you think. See our post here with more details about how EAP works. How easy or difficult is it to use? Is it confusing or easy-to-understand? Do you love it, or hate it, or is it "meh"? We could spend a lot of time testing the customer experience, or we can go right to the source: the people who are going to use it. If you have any feedback about EAP, please let us know.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation