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New installs of NIS - how long will it be supported

Hello. I build and re-build a lot of PCs for family, friends and relatives.  Normally, each year I buy at least at least a dozen NIS licences.  I'm now using NS for other people, but I still have several NIS licences left over from 2016.  I know I can still do clean installs using these licences with NIS v22 (I just did one) - BUT my question is - how long will a new install of NIS be supported with updates ?  If I install one of these today, will it still get updates for 12 months ?  Or does Symantec plan on stopping updates some time soon ?

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Re: New installs of NIS - how long will it be supported

Norton has not published any end of support for the older line of Norton products, NIS, 360. They have just stopped selling those products. If you are still able to find it from other retailers, it is just old stock. 

As long as the install works, the subscription key should still give you 12 months of protection. Just don't keep them too long, because at some point they might no longer work for the older products.

One other thing you can do is contact Norton Support and ask them to apply the subscription time from your NIS keys to one or more of your newer Norton Security subscription(s).

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Re: New installs of NIS - how long will it be supported

Hello pantepavel

The  link to contact Customer Support is www.norton.com/contactcs

Sorry to interrupt.

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