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New Member Policy Clarification & Feature Request

Hello! I posted in the forums for the first time earlier today, but I was dismayed when I did not see my new post anywhere. I didn't know whether my post was awaiting moderation or my work had been lost. I searched the forum guidelines to determine whether posts from new members are moderated, but I found no such policy statement.

The unsettling question "What happened to my post?" causes needless angst over the possibility of lost work. This nagging uncertainty is probably responsible for a lot of duplicate posts, too. I have two suggestions to remedy both problems:

  1. Can Symantec please update the forum guidelines with a clear and conspicuous policy statement for new members?
  2. Can the forum software be modified to display this policy to new members when they post for the very first time?

These changes would substantially improve the quality of the user experience for new members.

Thank you for considering my suggestions.

All the best,

Fred Chapman

P.S. My suggestion/request is a spin-off of an earlier discussion:




Re: New Member Policy Clarification & Feature Request

Hi Fred

I can see it would be a good idea if such posts did in fact show a marker in the forum with a notice about moderations delay. I'm sure your suggestions will be seen by the Norton Staffer who deals with the Forum Software.

Based on some spam messages that we get a lot of from time to time I can see that not more than the ID of the poster and the date and time of post should be shown from the original message since sometimes the problem can lie in the Subject as well.

Of course we do also have problems with unsuitable ID names .... so maybe it's more of a problem than I think and just making it clearly visible on each Forum that new messages are moderated and nothing may appear until this is done. It's only too common for companies to say "Oh well it's in article 29 subsection 113 so we did tell you" <g> but Norton is very open to user suggestions and reports of problems.


Re: New Member Policy Clarification & Feature Request

Hugh, thanks so much for your speedy and encouraging reply. I hope a Symantec staffer looks kindly upon my suggestions and takes some steps to implement a solution.

Best regards,


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Re: New Member Policy Clarification & Feature Request

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