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The NEW Norton 360 has been Released!

Great News!

The latest version of our popular Norton 360 all-in-one protection suite is now available!

New version of Norton 360 is now available for purchase at the Symantec Store - http://www.norton.com

If you are an existing customer with an active subscription to Norton 360, you can update to the latest version for FREE. To do this, simply go to http://updatecenter.norton.com and select Update Me Now.  

Please note that this announcement is in regards to the English version. Other languages will be released at the regional Symantec Store as they becomes available. 

Here are some of the new features in this release:

Windows 8 Support 

We’ve included many under-the-hood enhancements to support and integrate with the upcoming Windows 8 release.

Enhanced features in the Norton Toolbar to enable you to safely navigate the web and share URLs as well protect your identity data.

Significant performance enhancements that will ensure your computer runs faster with Norton products installed than any other security product, including the default Windows Defender product.

Powerful phishing detection using Norton’s vast URL reputation data and advanced data analytics to significantly improve phishing protection effectiveness not just in the most popular sites but also in the newest and less frequently visited sites.

Reputation Firewall

Smart Firewall now uses the power of Norton’s vast amount of reputation data to enable users to make more informed decisions when a firewall alert appears.

Enhanced Metered Network Broadband Mode

Our existing cost aware networking feature now leverages the new cost aware networking capabilities built into Windows 8 to offer our users to create more powerful policies when on metered networks. It also displays the name of the WiFi SSID instead of the WiFi adapter, to set the metered policies. 

Integration of Norton Power Eraser

Instead of taking you to a Web page, the new Norton products now provide a link on the manual scan completion page to directly download and run Norton Power Eraser tool.

Always updated all the time

All patches and product upgrades will be downloaded automatically and will not require a restart.

Remote Management

Now includes a built-in feature that allows you to remotely manage your Norton products through Management portal even without installing the Management agent.

Learn more by visiting these links:

Norton 360

Beta Testers:

If you participated in the Public Beta, please be sure to restore to the backup you made before installing the beta software. If you did not make a backup, please UNINSTALL the beta software before installing the Final Release. You can uninstall by going to Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Settings (Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8), selecting the beta products, and clicking on UNINSTALL. If you install over the beta product, unexpected errors could occur which would require you to uninstall and reinstall the product. Be sure to follow these steps precisely

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on the Norton 360 Community Forums!